Microsoft launches a welcome video for HoloLens developers

Brad Stephenson

Actiongram on HoloLens

Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunoda and Alex Kipman feature in a new special video directed at HoloLens app developers which launched on the official HoloLens Twitter profile today.

In the video, they reveal all of the contents that come with the initial shipments of HoloLens, such as the charger, carrying case, the clicker, and of course the HoloLens device itself, and encourage developers to explore the HoloLens app store which already has a sampling of apps that explore a variety of different uses for the system such as Skype and video games.

The video finishes with an invitation to “transform the world with holograms” which may cause some confusion as, despite its name, the HoloLens doesn’t actually create holograms, it’s an augmented reality device that creates the illusion of holograms by rendering images on a viewer’s headset. This is something that Microsoft will have to eventually deal with as HoloLens nears wider commercial release and the average consumer begins wondering why they can’t project three-dimensional Princess Leia holograms in their living room.

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