Microsoft launches website for HoloLens – includes in-depth experience video

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Microsoft launches website for HoloLens - includes indepth experience video
Microsoft had introduced a number of exciting ideas at their January 21st event; one of those amazing products was Microsoft HoloLens. The company in Redmond wants to bring us holograms, and they have created a new product to do just that. If you are excited about the idea, then you should give their new website (and video) a good look.

The new Microsoft HoloLens site proudly proclaims that “the era of holographic computing is here”. When you visit the website, you can sign up for the latest news on the product or follow the development on Twitter.

Microsoft’s creation requires you to wear a visor – something you probably won’t be wearing out in public, so we don’t think you will be fighting invisible zombies in the streets. Microsoft’s latest invention seems more natural to wear for specific purposes such as CAD design, gaming, entertainment, etc.

The website also notes a few features of the HoloLens including that the device has no cords, no phones, nor wires, and no tethers. The headset is also “lightweight and adjustable”, with built-in “spatial sound” that allows wearers to hear holograms within the room.

Take a look at the video and let us know what you think of Microsoft’s HoloLens project. It is up to the world to decide if it is a new revolution, or just another wearable dud.