Microsoft launches Software Recovery website for Windows 7, lets users download fresh ISOs

Zac Bowden

Windows 7

The recent Windows 10 Technical Preview saw a vast amount of Windows 7 users upgrade, just to see what’s new and different. What they didn’t realise however is there was no easy way of going back, and if said user didn’t backup their previous install, they may have just lost out on their Windows 7-ness. Luckily, Microsoft has just launched a new website which allows you to go right back to Windows 7 with ease.

The new Software Recovery website allows users to create a Windows 7 install DVD or USB. All the user needs is their legitimate Windows 7 product key on hand, select their product language and that’s it. Microsoft will cook you up a new ISO in seconds, being ready for download almost immediately. This ISO can be used much like any other ISO, for clean installing or upgrading from an older operating system like Windows Vista.

This new tool is great for those who may have lost their Windows 7 media in the past. You can now get a brand new ISO directly from Microsoft, which is pretty swift. Let us know in the comments below if this worked for you!

Thanks for the tip, Kingshuk De