Microsoft launches new Office Next blog, public beta of Office 2013 expected soon


Microsoft has launched a new blog centered around the company’s upcoming Office 2013 productivity suite called Office Next blog. The blog, similar to the Building Windows 8 blog, goes over improvements, designs, and feedback on the upcoming suite.

“Welcome to the Office Next blog. I’m really excited to kick off this conversation and connect you with the engineers who are building future releases of Office-here, they’ll discuss the improvements we make, the designs we choose and the data and feedback that inform our decisions,” the new blog states in its first post. It only makes sense to have a blog dedicated to the development of Office 2013, even though Microsoft is a bit late to bring this blog about. Windows 8 had the Building Windows 8 blog, which has proven to be a great means of offering feedback as well as tracking changes being made to the operating system.

A recent report by USAToday suggests that Microsoft will finally unveil Office 2013, the company’s next generation office productivity suite, to the public on July the 16th. Office 15, or Office 2013, was originally rumored to hit a Consumer Preview stage later this month.