Microsoft launches a dedicated website to help teachers master OneNote

Fahad Al-Riyami

Microsoft launches a dedicated website to help teachers master OneNote

OneNote is a game changer – this superhero of a notebook helps keep all of your notes organized and allows you manipulate its contents in a range of different ways. You can take notes by typing, recording your voice, video notes, or by pen, just as you would on a physical notebook. It hooks up to many different services to make importing content from other sources a single click away.

OneNote is great in the classroom for students to take notes on, but it can also come in handy to teachers and educator too who undoubtedly have a lot of paperwork they need to create, go through, maintain, and grade. Microsoft has recently launched its OneNoteForTeachers website that is dedicated to training educators to use the productivity tool.

The website covers all the basics to get started with OneNote and how it can enhance user productivity, as well as some useful tips to get the most out of it. It also covers some teacher scenarios which demos how OneNote can help teachers stay organized, deliver the learning curriculum, collaborate with other teachers and students and how to create interactive lessons.

The website also has a section targeting IT administrators in schools, detailing how to install the OneNote Class Notebook Creator and even comes with a template email that a teacher or administrator can forward to their IT directors convincing them of the benefits of OneNote and why it should be implemented in the school.

Another great thing about OneNote is that this powerful productivity tool is completely free and available on multiple platforms, including Windows, OSX, Android, iOS and Windows Phone, so you can take notes anywhere, regardless of what device you own.

If you’re a teacher, check out the OneNoteForTeachers site, or you can download OneNote now for your device over at Happy note taking!