Microsoft launches ‘Bing It On’ challenge against Google, says Bing is better


Microsoft has launched a new challenge called “Bing It On” against Google’s search in an attempt to lure users into using Bing rather than Google. According to Microsoft, Bing’s web search results were better than Google’s. This new challenge aims to point that out with users.

“Since we launched Bing we’ve been hard at work to deliver relevant, useful search results that help you go from searching to doing. Awhile ago, we began to notice an interesting trend in our internal testing – for the first time our testing showed that Bing’s web search results were better than Google’s,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. Microsoft has launched a new website that lets you search for a topic or keyword and the website will display search results from both Bing and Google on the same page, letting the user decide which result was better by voting. The challenge deals with searching for five queries of your choice and comparing Bing/Google results side-by-side. The user chooses a winner or declares the results a “draw.” Once you receive the final score, you can share your results on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Microsoft is also launching a nationwide TV and online advertisement for this challenge. Microsoft wants people to see that Bing is better than Google.

Head over to to participate in the challenge.