Microsoft launches Bing Ads Academy to help train users

Brad Stephenson

Bing has launched a new program called, Bing Ads Academy, to help their premium customers (those users working for agencies, channel partners, or tool providers) better understand the Bing Ads product and how to use it effectively.
Bing Ads Academy consists of a combination of training resources both online in the form of on-demand virtual classrooms, and in-person trainers who will arrive on location for a more hands-on teaching experience.
The course catalog is described as focusing on two main users of Bing Ads; Do-ers and Sellers.

Because Bing Ads Academy is intended for people working in the premium segment of agencies, channel partners and tool providers, the primary content focus is on topics relevant to “Sellers” (who pitch Bing Ads as a media buy to their clients) and “Do-ers” (those who work within the Bing Ads platform on a daily basis). The “Sellers” will gain a better understanding of why Bing Ads is a smart buy for their clients and the “Do-ers” can hone their ROI skills with specific strategies and tactics based on key features in Bing Ads.

Those interested in participating in Bing Ads Academy are advised to reach out to their account executive or account manager who will assist them in getting started with the program. Is dedicated training like this something that you would be interested in? Let us know in the comments below.