Microsoft launches all-black Precision Mouse for $99.99

Jack Wilkinson

All black Precision Mouse

Last year, Microsoft unveiled the Surface Precision Mouse to coexist alongside the Surface Book 2. Originally, it was only available in grey to match the colour of the Surface Book 2. A year later, however, it appears Microsoft has had a change of heart.

The company has now launched the Precision Mouse (dropping the “Surface” tag) and it now comes in an all-black version, with the added effect of some silver accents.

This new edition comes with all the same features as the Surface Precision Mouse, including Bluetooth, 6 buttons, right and left click, scroll wheel, and more. It’s just the colour that’s different – perfect for those who have been working towards an all-black setup.

The Precision Mouse in all-black is available to purchase at the Microsoft Store here for $99.99 ($89.99 for students, parents, teachers, and military personnel).