Microsoft Launcher update fixes bugs for all users

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft Arrow Launcher on Android

Microsoft Launcher has just rolled out a new update to Android users which brings it to Version 4.7.5 and squashes a variety of bugs that had been plaguing many. These fixes were first tested with beta testers a few weeks ago and they’re now available for everyone to experience.

Here’s the official release notes.

  • Fixed top crashes and App Not Responding Errors;
  • Support applying icon pack over single custom-set icons;
  • Adjustments to wallpaper settings experience;
  • Fixed several badge count issues;
  • Performance/memory/CPU improvements

Microsoft Launcher provides a way for users to fully customize their Android device using a variety of wallpapers, themes and accent colors, icon packs, gestures, and features. It also allows for more connectivity between an Android smartphone and a Windows PC with select file syncing between the two devices once the initial setup connection is made.

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Microsoft Launcher
Microsoft Launcher
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