Microsoft launcher 5.9 beta now rolling out, with improved Calendar icon

Arif Bacchus

The version 5.8 update for Microsoft Launcher was just two weeks ago, complete with new features for IT admins, as well as search optimizations, but a new beta has already been released. Now coming at version 5.9 (via MSPoweruser,) the latest beta is introducing a new calendar icon, as well as some other improvements.

With this beta release, the Calendar icon in Microsoft launcher will now constantly show the right date, similar to how it is on the stock calendar app on iOS. The icon itself has also been updated with a more simplistic look. Other than that, the release is fairly minor, only including general fixes for the anchor, background, calendar card, and other performance improvements.

As always, you can sign up for the Microsoft Launcher Beta by visiting the app listing in the Google Play Store from the link below and then tapping on the “Join the Beta” link. Once this beta testing period is complete, you can expect this same version to hit the standard version of the app.

Microsoft Launcher
Microsoft Launcher
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