Microsoft to launch User Experience Design Competency for app designers


Modern design

During the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference today, Microsoft’s Tami Reller spoke about the Windows Store and how there is much opportunity for app developers. Reller also announced the User Experience Design Competency program for app designers beginning January 2014 via the Microsoft Partner Network.

“The competency will provide a way to train your designers and be recognized for your expertise in the Microsoft Design Language and App User Experience on Windows devices. It will ensure that all of our partners have access to the user experience and design foundation necessary to create innovative experiences that engage millions of users on the Windows platform,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft is focused on its design language and apparently sweats the details of every pixel. As Microsoft puts it, “we let the OS fade into the background while your ideas and content come to the fore, and we believe in presenting content and controls in a way that is authentically digital.”

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