Microsoft joins nearly 100 other tech companies with brief opposing US immigrant travel ban

Kip Kniskern

Last friday, a Washington State judge issued a temporary restraining order on US President Donald Trump’s Executive Order banning travel to the US from 7 predominantly Muslim countries. Then, on Sunday night, the US Government appealed the ruling, sending the state and the Executive Office back into court.

In support of a decision to rescind the Executive Order, some 97 companies, mostly from Silicon Valley but including Microsoft, have filed a “friends of the court” brief, calling the order “illegal.” These companies have business dealings with the countries in question, and also have employees who are affected.

In addition, a group of former national security officials have also filed an amicus brief, also opposing the Executive Order.

Now the new administration will have to fight for the order in court, which could have a bearing not only on this case, but on future actions regarding H1B visas, which could severely affect Microsoft and other tech players. We’ll keep you posted on the proceedings.