Microsoft is making Teams meetings less stressful by letting users hide their video feed

Laurent Giret


A new year has just kicked off and many people coming back to work today may have a couple of video meetings on their agenda. Video meetings have become a key part of this new hybrid work era, but Microsoft is coming up with a new trick to make these meetings less stressful for Teams users.

For many professionals out there, participating in video meetings can feel a lot like looking at yourself in a mirror. When meetings require all users to have their own video on, seeing your own video feed all the time can be enough to make someone uncomfortable after enough time.

That’s why Microsoft Teams will soon let participants in a video meeting hide their own video feed while leaving their camera on, which will allow everyone else in the call to still see them. “An indicator in the form of a cropped part of your own video image will never let you forget your video is on and avoid any undesired circumstances,” Microsoft explained in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

According to Microsoft, hiding your video feed during Teams calls should allow participants to relax while still meeting the requirement to have their webcam on, and this will all be done in a non-disruptive way. The option to hide your video feed during Teams meetings will begin rolling out in this month, and all users should have it by mid-March.