Microsoft is looking for “breakthrough ideas” with AI Idea Challenge

Dave W. Shanahan

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Microsoft is looking to its community for “breakthrough ideas” with the AI Idea Challenge. As noted in a post on the Machine Learning blog, Microsoft is looking for “breakthrough AI solutions from developers, data scientists, professionals and students, and preferably developed on the Microsoft AI platform and services.”

The AI Idea Challenge allows users to share their creations on the Microsoft AI platform, so they are accessible for future Microsoft projects. Full terms and conditions of the contest are available here. Microsoft will judge submissions based on the following criteria:

  1. Originality: 50%
  2. Feasibility: 20%
  3. Difficulty to Implement: 30%

The top three entries for the Microsoft AI Idea Challenge will get great prizes for their efforts. The first place winner will get a Surface Book 2, the second place winner will get a Dji Mavic Pro drone, and the third place winner will get an Xbox One X.

If you are interested in entering, Microsoft has some requirements. Individuals or teams are required to submit a “working AI model, test dataset, a demo app and a demo video that can a maximum of three minutes long.” Microsoft invites you to take a look at AI Idea Challenge examples at AI.lab.

The Microsoft AI Challenge is accepting submissions until October 12th, 2018. Register your AI idea today.