Microsoft is bringing updated form controls to Edge and Chromium

Jonny Caldwell

windows 2019 aug 20

Microsoft has announced that new form controls are heading to its Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser still under development. The tech giant says it worked closely with Google to bring it to life, so it will also with with Chrome and other Chromium-based web browsers, as well.

The main focus on these new form control changes is to increase their ease of use on touchscreen devices, especially as Microsoft’s Surface and Google’s Pixelbooks all feature touchscreens as standard options. This is achieved simplifying some of the controls such as color selectors to increase the size of buttons, and adding a touch optimized controls such as a time selector.


Via Microsoft

The new controls also feature flatter and more modern designs, opting for more gray and less blue. This should add more symmetry to websites which also tend to prefer more minimalistic designs, and should also be able to work better with other color schemes as well.

Microsoft and Google are also focusing on accessibility, including increasing the contrast of the rectangular input selector that is used when the keyboard is used for navigation. Additionally, for users who use their systems in high-contrast mode, many of the UI elements have also been updated to support it, and web developers are free to adjust these styles to better match the theme of their websites.

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