Microsoft is bring back “The Duke,” Xbox’s original controller

Dave W. Shanahan

As OnMSFT reported earlier this year, there were plans to bring back “The Duke,” Xbox’ original controller. Now, it looks like we will actually see The Duke soon. In a tweet, the so-called “father of Xbox,” and head of Hyperkin, Seamus Blackley revealed that The Duke will be available at the end of March 2018 for $69.99.

As noted in a report by, The Duke is being released in a special partnership with Xbox and Hyperkin. Blackley is not releasing an identical version of The Duke.

The Duke will be updated to work on your Xbox One console. While the button placement and form factor will be nearly identical, The Duke lost its memory card slots and added small shoulder bumpers to make the controller able to play Xbox One games. The Duke is also a wireless controller that can work on your Xbox One console or Windows 10 machine.

Blackley decided to revive The Duke due to fans’ overwhelming requests for the clunky and old Xbox accessory. In this iteration, Blackley was able to design The Duke in the way he originally imagined: complete with a new OLED screen on the center of the controller; When you press the Xbox button, the classic Xbox startup animation will play.

Look for The Duke to be available for $69.99 in March 2018 for sale in the Microsoft Store.