Microsoft is #2, but way behind Google in US search ad revenue

Laurent Giret

Microsoft’s US search ad revenue is expected to keep growing over the next two years, but the company will also continue to trail far behind market leader Google. This what noted eMarketer in its latest report on the US digital ad market, which sees Google claiming 77.8% of US search ad revenues this year and 80.2% in 2019 (via Search Engine Land).

In comparison, eMarketer is forecasting Microsoft’s share of US search ad revenues to decrease from 7.6% this year to 6.6% in 2019, with search revenue still growing from $2.79 billion to $3.02 billion in the same period. While Microsoft will remain #2 over the next two years, eMarketer sees Yelp and Amazon have the strongest growth rates US search ad revenue and a very slight growth for Yahoo, AOL and Ask.

eMarketer US Search ad revenue Bing

According to eMarketer forecasting analyst Monica Peart, Google will continue to thrive thanks to more consumers using the search engine on their smartphones. “Google’s dominance in search, especially mobile search, is largely coming from the growing tendency of consumers to turn to their smartphones to look up everything from the details of a product to directions,” she explained. “Google and mobile search as a whole will continue to benefit from this behavioral shift,” she added.