Microsoft expands investment in youth technology education across the world

Joseph Finney

Microsoft invests in youth technology education across the world

Microsoft is dedicated to education. Another project Microsoft is using to drive tech education is their YouthSpark Hub. This program helps get young people the education they need to be successful in the future.

There are two main legs of YouthSpark Hub. One is teaching students the language of technology. When students have digital literacy it is easier for them to learn on their own and use existing tools to grow. The second step involves developing IT skills. To do this Microsoft uses Microsoft IT Academy. The Microsoft IT Academy offers free webinars and curriculum to learn intermediate tech skills. 

Microsoft is not focusing their efforts just in one country. Microsoft is investing in technology access and education across the world. Specifically in the US Microsoft is increasing their TEALS (Technology Education and Literacy in Schools) program which provides computer science educators into schools. These TEALS educators are working software engineers who volunteer to educate students. Finally Microsoft is launching Imagine Cup 2015, which is where students compete by developing unique technology in different categories.

All of these efforts are aimed at enabling the next generation to further technology into the future. Educated citizens benefit their country, their city, and themselves. Microsoft may never see a return on this investment, but a more connected world will demand more from all tech companies.

What do you think of Microsoft’s investment in tech education? Have you every used Microsoft IT Academy or YouthSpark Hub? Let us know in the comments below!