Microsoft introduces 'Windows 10 Demo' site to help educate consumers

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft’s pitch for Windows 10 is ‘familiarity’. Microsoft believes that consumers who have used older versions of Windows will appreciate the return of desktop refinements in Windows 10. For Windows 8 users, Windows 10 re-imagines mobile friendliness first introduced by Metro/Modern design. Whichever story users choose to rally behind, Microsoft is using various avenues to inform Windows users of all the new and old that Windows 10 has to offer.
A few weeks ago, Microsoft launched a YouTube series of videos that walked users through 10 upcoming features in Windows 10, alongside a television campaign highlighting Cortana, Windows Hello, and Microsoft Edge. We’ve also recently stumbled across an interactive web demo of Windows 10 for Windows users who have yet to upgrade, but are curious about Windows 10.
The demo includes interactive Q&A’s, video walkthroughs, as well as device-specific layouts and information. Users can scroll through options such as:

  • Meet Cortana
  • Get Apps
  • Personalize my PC
  • Manage my Photos
  • Find my way with maps
  • Stay Organized
  • Browse the Web (With Edge)

Image Credit: Microsoft
The web demo is a comprehensive overview of what users can expect from Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, and phones. Combining this latest web demo with the YouTube series and recent television commercials, Microsoft is arguably doing a better job of introducing Windows 10 than it did Windows 8. To many, Windows 8’s biggest shortcoming was the lack of instructions that accompanied the release. Perhaps Microsoft’s telemetry relied a bit too much on a mobile learning curve that didn’t extend to PC users. Whatever the cause, the Windows 8 adoption appeared to be partially marred by users who were merely confused about features, details, and usability.
Whether or not Microsoft succeeds in telling a complete and coherent ‘familiarity’ story is still up in the air. It has been two weeks since the wider public has been allowed to fiddle with the latest retooling of Windows. Early numbers issued by Microsoft have been positive and the greater accessibility of information and tutorials such as these, should aid in users familiarity with Windows 10.