Microsoft introduces public preview of StaffHub, a new app for work schedules in Office 365

Arif Bacchus

It has been a busy day in Office news, and Microsoft has just announced the public preview of StaffHub. The app is a new experience for schedules in Office 365 and aims to help deskless workers manage their life at work.

The app makes it easy to create and manage shift schedules and gives workers access to important information right at their fingertips on their mobile device. Microsoft describes the app as follows:

Microsoft StaffHub allows managers to quickly create, update and manage shift schedules for their team members—using a simple and intuitive interface.

You can add a shift for an employee at any time by clicking a cell and entering the shift details. Since shift schedules sometimes remain similar over time, you can copy over the entire schedule from the previous week, giving you a starting point. You can also copy just a range of shifts and paste it in for another worker. When you are ready to share the schedule, just click or tap Publish and the schedule, updates and notes are automatically pushed to your team in the Microsoft StaffHub app, so everybody always has up-to-date information.

Microsoft StaffHub

As seen above, the home screen of the app is  simple, which means that users will no longer have to deal with the clutter of a real life whiteboard or bulletin board when the want to schedule shifts or notes on the day. The app also makes it easy for workers to swap a shift or offer their shift to someone else.

Additionally, it takes just a few clicks for managers to select and share files with their deskless workers. These type of workers can also send quick messages to each other such by tapping a coworker’s contact icon and typing a note.

Microsoft StaffHub
Microsoft StaffHub

StaffHub is available now via a Public Preview on the web, iOS, and Android. If you would like to access it, you must haven an Office 365 account and visit and request a promo code for a Microsoft StaffHub Public Preview license. You must also have a K1, E1, E3 or E5 Office 365 plan.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
The app was not found in the store. 🙁