Microsoft Internet Explorer for Xbox in the works, surf the internet using your Kinect


During the E3 expo in Los Angeles, Microsoft revealed that the company is working on a modified version of its Internet Explorer browser for the Xbox 360 entertainment console. On top of that, Xbox 360 users can utilize their Kinect motion sensor to navigate the internet on Internet Explorer for Xbox.

Internet Explorer for Xbox will be built into a web hub of the Xbox 360 and utilizes the new Smart Glass service. For those who have an Xbox, you can use Bing voice search to search the internet but it is limited to media content only. With Internet Explorer for Xbox, a user can now search the entire internet while on their couch in the living room. With added Kinect support, users can use gestures to quickly search and navigate through search pages. No word yet on when Internet Explorer for Xbox will launch exactly, but we do know it will happen around Fall for Xbox users. Having Internet Explorer for Xbox is yet another step the company is taking to ensure a more all-around entertainment-focused Xbox console, a shift from the traditional gaming-only console.