Microsoft India to launch “Windows Scoop Fans” program with exclusive access to Insider news

Kit McDonald

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Windows India announced earlier this month that they were launching the Windows Scoop Fans program. In the tweet, they encouraged interested ‘super fans’ to send an email to them answering the question “Why are you the biggest fan of Windows?”. The original deadline for Christmas Day, Dec. 25, is now extended to January 5 (via Gadgets 360).

In case you’re catching up, the Windows Scoop Fans program is intended to bring enthusiasts together and provide exclusive news updates for apps and devices across all Windows brand. The members that are accepted from the aforementioned application process are then invited to a private Facebook group.

On the Windows India Facebook page, it is explained that the accepted members “will be part of an elite community that gets the inside story, updates, exclusive previews and much more related to Windows.” However, it’s important to note that this program will not be interfering with Windows Insiders as we know it.

While it sounds similar to the Microsoft First League program where localized fans will have access to early Windows news before most, it doesn’t seem to be the exact same program. In MFL, the members will be able to test devices in their early development and have their own separate ‘Superfan’ website to do so. Of course, the program could be dependent on the surrounding area since MFL focuses gaining members solely from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Poland, Hungary and Greece.

If you’ll be submitting a reply, make sure that the email address you use matches your Facebook account so that they can send the invite upon acceptance. Images and videos are also accepted, so don’t be afraid to be creative!