Microsoft India releases “Empowering Dreams,” a film on how technology helps turn dreams to reality

Kevin Okemwa

Microsoft logo at conference

Microsoft has ventured into the filming scene and has now released a new entry dubbed Empowering Dreams. The film which majorly focuses on showing the company’s investment and commitment to empowering people across the globe with its solutions, features Pankaj Kapur, a seasoned director and actor.

Additionally, the film also captures how users can leverage technology to promote equality. It highlights how users can make use of tech to promote inclusivity by breaking down communication barriers, this way everyone gets to play a significant role in the development of the community.

The Executive Director, Corporate, Medium, and Small Business at Microsoft India, Samik Roy also indicated that:

Through this film, we want to showcase the power of dreams and how technology can serve as a reliable ally for individuals and businesses to fulfill their aspirations. In line with Microsoft’s mission, we have a steadfast commitment to empowering businesses, irrespective of their scale and size. We enable organizations and people to unlock their full potential with our secured solutions across productivity, collaboration, infrastructure, low/no code application platform, Data and AI, business applications and devices.

We invite you to check out Microsoft’s blog post, where you will get a brief synopsis of what the film’s all about, you can also get to check it out from there.