Microsoft incorporates AI shopping capabilities into the new Bing and Edge

Priya Walia

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Microsoft has introduced new shopping tools infused with AI in Bing and Edge, designed to empower users in their shopping endeavors while ensuring the utmost confidence in their purchases.

As per the tech giant, the AI shopping tool will streamline exploring, researching, and finalizing purchases, conveniently consolidating all necessary information from authoritative sources into a single platform.

The ‘Buying Guide’ tool informs users about essential factors to consider in each category, presents recommended product options, and conveniently displays detailed specifications of multiple similar items in a well-organized table. The feature eliminates the need for users to navigate through different websites for comparison purposes, enabling swift and efficient decision-making.

Currently available in the US, this functionality will gradually expand to other markets. Meanwhile, the Buying Guide feature in Edge has commenced its global rollout, extending its reach to users worldwide.

Another tool called ‘Review Summaries’ provides recommendations on important factors to be considered during product shopping. For example, users can rely on Bing Chat or Edge to provide concise summaries of online feedback upon finding a particular product of interest.

Furthermore, the tech giant assures that its Price Match feature remains effective beyond the point of purchase, as it constantly monitors the item’s price and facilitates the process of requesting a price match if it decreases.

The built-in browser features, namely ‘Price Comparison’ and ‘Price History,’ are designed to assist users in making informed purchasing decisions, ensuring that they choose the right place and time to make their transactions.

Moreover, Edge will assist users in seamlessly applying coupons and earning cashback while shopping online via Bing Chat. The ‘Package Tracking’ feature conveniently keeps track of purchases from the Edge sidebar, eliminating the need to search through their inbox for shipping confirmations and tracking numbers. The introduction of ‘Price Match’ in the US is imminent.

The company states that ‘Price History, Price Comparison, Coupons, Cashback, and Package Tracking’ are already accessible in specific markets and seamlessly integrated into Edge.

Via Bing