Microsoft Imagine Cup winners announced, World Championship ready to go

Kit McDonald

This morning, the Imagine Cup Finals Awards Ceremony took place where thirty-five teams of students held their breath. Students from all over the globe attended the event in Redmond, Washington to compete for over $200,000 in cash and prizes. The Imagine Cup is an prestigious annual event that celebrates the creativity and designs that student teams submit as technological advancements to overcoming life challenges.

The event was split into three categories: Games, Innovation, and World Citizenship. Each category had a first second, and third place with monetary prizes respectively. However, only the first place of each category is moving forward to the World Championship.


1st Place: PH21 of Thailand, $50,000

2nd Place: None Developers of Indonesia, $10,000

3rd Place: Tower Up of Brazil, $5,000


1st Place: ENTy of Romania, $50,000

2nd Place: Bit Masters of Sri Lanka, $10,000

3rd Place: HealthX of the United States, $5,000

World Citizenship:

1st Place: AMANDA of Greece, $50,000

2nd Place: Night’s Watch of Tunisia, $10,000

3rd Place: InSimu of Hungary, $5,000

Thirty-five student teams of developers and creators originally took part in the Microsoft Imagine Cup, but now only three teams remain. PH21’s stealth puzzle cooperative game, ENTy’s wearable posture tracker, and AMANDA’s virtual empathy environment to combat bullying will all compete for that final trophy.

The World Championship is just around the corner where one of those teams will win a private mentoring session with CEO Satya Nadella. Like today’s event, the championship will be live streamed and will be judged with actor John Boyega and Dr. Jennifer Tang.

Want to learn more about some of the ideas that didn’t make it into the final cut? Check out our article covering some of the outstanding innovations that these teams of students were able to create. Microsoft’s Imagine Cup is a gateway of ideas for overcoming difficulties in life through advanced technology and research. Be sure to watch the live stream of the Imagine Cup World Championship starting tomorrow at 9:30 PDT.