Microsoft holds annual shareholders’ meeting after record year

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft Logo New

Microsoft is hosting its annual shareholders’ meeting as they officially close their fiscal year. The company has been fighting aggressively with Apple along with other tech companies for most valuable spot. Even as of the time of this post, the two tech giants are neck and neck in market cap value, each at around $846 billion.

The shareholder meeting is expected to continue with the same board size of 14 members just as it was last year, according to a report from GeekWire. This includes the two members of last year, Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn and Hugh Johnson from Pepsi. The source also pointed out that the shareholders will also be able to speak about executive compensation, pointing out that the “advisory note” is non-binding.

Microsoft is also streaming their meeting online later today, with more information available on Microsoft’s Investor Relations page. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment area below.