Microsoft highlights how you can do great things with Windows 10 in new promo video

Staff Writer

When Microsoft introduced Windows 10, there was an emphasizing on the idea that you can “do more” with Windows devices. With today’s announcement, those over at Microsoft are taking it a step further. They do not just want to you “do” or “do more”, today they urging you to “do great things”. With products like the Surface Book and continuum for phones on the Lumia 950(XL), Microsoft is certainly building devices that allow people to do almost anything.
Microsoft and its Windows, Office, Azure, Surface, Lumia, and Band products have always stood on a platform of productivity. If you remember back to those old Apple commercials in which Microsoft was depicted as an older, dorky, and rather boring man in a suit and tie, the company has been traditionally viewed as the “business first” company. It looks as though Microsoft accepts the suit and tie but is ready to show the world they are much more than just business software and corporate offices.

In the two minute video above, Microsoft appeals to almost every person who touches a mobile device. The video features each new product Microsoft announced in today’s keynote, highlight how Windows 10 devieces are for the athletes, the aritits, the designers, the students, the directors and movie editors, the gamers, the architects, the Dj’s, and for the friends. It appears as if Microsoft  is trying to place a Windows 10 device in every working and entertainment space there is, inspiring and urging people to not just do, but to do great things. As the video says, “When there are no limits to what your devices can do, there are no limits to what you can do with them.”
What great things will you do with your Windows 10 devices?