Microsoft heading to Retail’s BIG Show in NYC this January 17-19

Michael Cottuli

Microsoft is going to be spending a few days in New York this month as they set out five different showcases in the Retail’s BIG Show. Microsoft’s goal there is going to be trying to reach out to different retailers and help them as they adapt to the digital world – something that anyone could agree is an important lesson to learn for a business that wants to stay relevant going forward.

Microsoft believes 2016 will be the year that physical and digital experiences really blend together. It will be the year when intelligent solutions empower more personal shopping.

Microsoft’s showcases this year should be covering tons of ground for retailers that are attempting to conform to the modern consumer’s needs. Here’s a brief overview of what they’re going to be addressing during their time down in New York later this month:

  1. 1. Check out modern shopping experiences in action Microsoft wants to make sure that customers no longer need to choose between going to a retail store and shopping online. It’s their hope to have a marriage between the two experiences, and with this showcase, they plan to assist store operations and help retailers implement assisted selling.
  2. Understand what it takes to empower workforces for a new level of customer service Microsoft is going to be bringing out lead retailers to show off how companies should be “Supporting mobile workstyles” for the new age of customer service. This includes showing how dashboards can be utilized to give employees all of the information they need to work effectively.
  3. Get the scoop on how moving to the cloud can fast-track digital transformation for retailers. Doing exactly what it sounds like, this showcase is going to show off some of the many advantages that businesses stand to benefit from by transferring their business to the cloud. Whether it be to make access to data more convenient or to free up budget for other customer service improvements, movement to the cloud is an undertaking that Microsoft wants everyone to make a priority.
  4. See how the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and big data enable increased customer insight and interaction. The Internet of Things is a massive deal when speaking about how the digital retail and physical retail worlds collide. With QR codes being plastered everywhere in many retail stores, they can be used to not only enrich customer interaction with products, but keep tabs on customer interactions with products. Microsoft is going to use this showcase to go over the significance of that dynamic.
  5. Learn directly from customers. Microsoft is going to be showing COOP Italia’s “digitally enabled supermarket of the future” to give examples on how physical and digital retail can be fused together elegantly using “seamless, social, and immersive retail experiences.” This panel should be a solid round-up for those who want to have what they’ve already learned recapped.

If you’d like to see Microsoft present at the BIG show, they’ll be offering passes for free to those who are already retailers. Otherwise, you can get access to the show right here.