Microsoft has (possibly) begun giving away Xbox Onesies again

Brad Stephenson

Xbox Onsie

One of the coolest promotional campaigns Microsoft did in 2017 was the production of the Xbox Onesie, a onesie designed after their Xbox One video game console. The product was mostly created as a quirky giveaway for gaming journalists in Australia though several were given away to fans on social media soon afterwards. Supply of these was very limited and it has been widely understood by mostly everyone that the entire stock had been exhausted… until today that is.

A user on Reddit has written a post claiming that he’s been offered an Xbox Onesie after chatting with the Microsoft Store Social Media Team. There was apparently no contest or giveaway happening, just a casual conversation that ended up being more rewarding than he was expecting. “Msft store posts a tweet, I reply, we start talking about the Xbox Onesie and making jokes (I promised I’d wear it to all the Disney parks if it was comfortable enough),” he explains when asked for more details by other users. “Continue joking on and off throughout the day, all of a sudden they say “Hey can you DM us?” and I get what I posted above. There was, to my knowledge, no contest or promotion or anything that I was aware of at all. It just seemed to be a matter of inadvertently making friends with whoever was tweeting?” The post was accompanied by a screenshot of the Twitter DM.

While cool if true, it’s probably best not to get too excited as the official word is still that there are no Xbox Onesies left to give away to anyone. It’s also possible that this user could simply be making this story up and is just taking everyone for a ride. What do you think? Is this story true and could more onesies be on the way or do you doubt the story is even real? Let us know in the comments below.