Microsoft: Google reads your private email conversations and spams you



Microsoft is promoting its email service in a new anti-gmail manner, pointing out that Google reads your private email conversations. On top of that, Google will push junk mail directly to your email inbox.

“Google violates your privacy by reading every single word of every single email sent to and from Gmail accounts so they can better target you with ads. Now, they’re going one step further over the line by using that same personal information to spam your inbox with ads that look like real emails. Your email provider should protect you from spam, but Google is doing just the opposite; they’re reading your private email conversations and using what they find to push junk mail directly to your Gmail inbox,” Microsoft stated on its Scroogled website.

Microsoft has been going at it with Google with the company’s Scroogled campaign, highlighting privacy concerns and issues with Google’s products and services. Microsoft has been running these campaigns in an attempt to get users to ditch Gmail and Google Search for Microsoft’s Bing Search and email service.

Microsoft’s Bing team launched the “Scroogled” campaign earlier this year intended to bring back “honest search” by slamming Google and their practice of using paid advertising to promote products to shopping searchers during search results. Instead of seeing consumers being “Scroogled”, Microsoft wants you to see what is really going on with Google.

Head over to the source link to learn more about the Scroogled campaign. You can also watch the embedded video below showcasing how users are getting Scroogled with Gmail.