Microsoft, Google, and more announce support for new Open Web Docs initiative

Laurent Giret

Microsoft Campus

Microsoft has just announced its support for Open Web Docs, a new initiative aiming to support community-driven platforms for high-quality developer documentation. Instead of creating a brand new docs platform, Open Web docs will work closely with existing documentations platforms including Mozilla’s popular MDN Web Docs.

“The collective’s initial goals are focused on supporting MDN’s recent infrastructure transition and contributing to core web technology documentation, browser compatibility data, and JavaScript documentation on MDN Web Docs,” Microsoft said today. The Redmond giant will support Open Web Docs as a founding sponsor along with Google and Coil, with additional support and participation from W3C, Samsung, and Mozilla.

In the short term, Open Web Docs will employ a full staff of independent technical writers who will work with existing platforms and make contributions to MDN Web Docs. In the long term, Open Web Docs will work on “developing a community of contributors around core web technology documentation, browser compatibility data, and improving JavaScript documentation,” the announcement post reads.

While Open Web Docs already has some big backers, the collective is welcoming anyone who wants to contribute to the project and support long-term maintenance of web platform technology documentation. You can follow @OpenWebDocs on Twitter to get news about the project, which also has a GitHub page.