Microsoft gives Outlook 2013 a new Quick Response feature, lets you reply faster


In a new blog post, Microsoft shows off a new feature included with Outlook 2013 that allows users to reply to emails faster than before. This new feature, called Quick Response, lets you write replies or forwards without having to leave your inbox!

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“One of the new features in Outlook 2013 that I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback about is Quick Response, which lets you write replies or forwards without leaving your inbox. This feature came about when we observed that people using Outlook often have a number of reply windows open, taking up screen space and complicating their experience of using Outlook,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. Using Quick Response, the Reading Pane is replaced with the compose area, which allows you to send an email from your inbox without having to open up a new window. Microsoft created a special Message ribbon tab with the commands people need the most when responding to emails and if that is not enough, there is an option to pop-out the email to be edited normally in a reply window with all the commands. According to Microsoft, this feature will allow users to be more efficient and work smarter for most email responses.