Microsoft gets you in touch with your loved ones during a disaster with HelpBridge



When a disaster strikes, the first thing on our minds (after making sure we are alirght) is getting in touch with our loved ones to make sure they are doing ok. Microsoft has launched a new app for various mobile platforms, including the Windows Phone, which does just this.

“Available today in the U.S. for Windows Phone, Android, and iOS, HelpBridge is designed to make it easy to connect with friends and family during a large-scale disaster such as an earthquake or a hurricane. It also enables users to give time, money and resources to support relief and rebuilding efforts,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

HelpBridge is currently available in the United States and runs on the Windows Azure platform to allow a user to notify their friends and family via SMS, email, or Facebook message their status during the disaster. The message can even include your location. Take a look at the video below and hit the download link below to grab the app.