Microsoft Forms will soon allow users to collect survey responses from specific people

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft Forms

Microsoft’s online survey creator tool, Microsoft Forms, is finally adding support for collecting responses from specific users or security groups. The company has announced via a Microsoft 365 Admin center message that the feature will begin rolling out in December on its desktop and mobile clients.

With this update, only the users/groups specified by the Form owner will be able to view and submit a response to the form or quiz. The new option should make it easier for owners to manage response collection by preventing all other users from submitting their responses.

Setting desktop

The ability to send and collect responses from specific people should help teachers engage with select students or collect feedback from a group of people during business meetings.

Keep in mind that the new option will be disabled by default, and the Form owner will have to enable it manually. The company noted that the change will be applicable to both old forms as well as new ones.