Microsoft fixes issue that prevented Bing Ads advertisers using Bing Ads Editor app on iOS

Jack Wilkinson

Bing Ads is Microsoft’s growing online advertising platform for Bing and Yahoo search engines. It allows advertisers, in a very similar vein to Google AdWords, to advertise on the Bing network, placing ads in front of millions of people across multiple platforms.

Unfortunately, for the past month, some advertisers, mostly agency-based accounts that run multiple client accounts under its tree, have been experiencing issues using the Bing Ads Editor app on iOS devices, which comprises of iPhone and iPad. If affected by the issue, the agency would be unable to view any accounts underneath their account, preventing them from viewing any details, editing any ads and so on, so forth.

We reported this issue to the Bing Ads team a couple weeks ago and can now confirm that, with a response from Bing Ads’ technical team, the issue is resolved. No update is needed, as the issue was server-side.

Agencies can once again login to the Bing Ads Editor app and begin optimising their clients’ accounts on-the-go.