Microsoft faces yet another Skype patent lawsuit, this time from CopyTele



Microsoft cant catch a break these days. The software giant is facing yet another patent lawsuit for its Skype instant messaging and internet calling platform by a ‘patent enforcement’ company called CopyTele.

CopyTele is described as a company ‘specializing in patent monetization and patent assertion’ and is filing this lawsuit on behalf of its subsidiary, Secure Web Conference Corporation. CopyTele alleges that Microsoft’s Skype platform infringes upon patents relating to encryption technology.

The patent violations deal with web-based peer to peer communications, as explained by CNET, which revolves around the exchange of information using a public/private key encryption with users ID’ed by their email addresses. The violation also claims that computers or smartphones that run Skype are also in violation of the patent.

No other details about the lawsuit were revealed and Microsoft had nothing to say regarding the legal matter. Microsoft is no stranger to Skype patent lawsuits, as the company just recently faced a lawsuit from VirnetX Holding Corp. VirnetX filed for a lawsuit against Microsoft claiming that the software giant’s instant messaging and internet calling service, Skype, infringes on six of its patents.