Microsoft explains the mysterious unlabeled toggle switches seen in Windows 10 build 14946

Arif Bacchus

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Windows 10 build 14946 might have been released over three months ago, but that does not mean the folks at Microsoft have forgotten it. Today, Microsoft’s Raymond Chen took to the MSDN “Old New Thing” Blog to explain a bug with four specific unlabeled settings toggle switches which many Windows Insiders had noticed after installing build 14946.

According to Raymond, the toggle buttons were “never really hooked up to anything,” and were rather associated with a new feature that, “if supported would have provided descriptive text as well as hooking up the toggle buttons.”  Members of the Windows team from inside Microsoft, nonetheless, had several wishes for what the toggles really did.

  • “Make ⟨internal tool 1⟩ take less than 2 hours.”
  • “⟨internal tool 2⟩ always finds a valid checkpoint.”
  • “Always submit my jobs to the front of the queue.”
  • “Prevent partner teams from checking in stupid bugs.”

Did you notice these unlabeled toggle switches when you had installed build 14946? What did you think they were for? As always, let us know what you think by dropping us a comment below!