Microsoft expands program to train military veterans for software and systems careers

Kip Kniskern

US Military veterans have been trained in many of the same leadership skills needed for civilian careers, and Microsoft is working to help train veterans to use those skills in the computer industry. Two years ago, the company began a program called the Microsoft Software and Systems Academy (MSSA), and has just recently announced that it’s expanding the program from 3 to 9 regions, serving twelve US military bases.
The program is beginning to make a difference, both inside Microsoft, where the company has hired a quarter of the hundreds of MSSA graduates, and more broadly in the computer industry:

More than 80 companies have hired MSSA graduates, with well over half of them in the IT industry, landing at places like Amazon, Expedia, Tableau, Century Link, even Apple. The average salary of our graduates has reached more than $70,000, with many of the grads doubling or tripling what they made in the military.

In the blog post, Chris Cortez, Vice President for Military Affairs at Microsoft, posted a video showcasing some of the work ongoing at MSSA:

Microsoft is actively looking to fill positions in the software industry, and using already well trained veterans seems like a winning way to do it.