Microsoft expands Bing Tags feature, now visible to a broader audience


Bing Tags

In an official Bing Search blog post, Microsoft has announced that Bing Tags has now been expanded to a broader audience. Bing Tags allows you to tag yourself or your friends on pages across the web. When you connect via Facebook on Bing, you can also see which pages your Facebook friends have also tagged.

“Today, based on your feedback, we’re taking Bing Tags one step further by making your tags visible to a broader audience. Now simply select the pages you want to tag and those pages will show up in search results. Whether it’s your Twitter profile, blog, or that art portfolio you’re proud of – Bing Tags lets you highlight the pages that best represent you,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. Your tags are only visible to friends you allow. This feature was introduced last year but Microsoft has just now expanded the feature to be seen by a broader audience. Go try it out now!