Microsoft Envision event is all about digital transformation

Kellogg Brengel

Astronaut Scott Kelly at Microsoft Envision

Right on the heels of last week’s Build conference for developers, Microsoft is hosting its newest conference this week in New Orleans. Their latest conference is called Microsoft Envision. What differentiates Envision from Microsoft’s other events is while conferences like Build and Ignite focus on technical content, Envision is meant to focus on larger picture trends and challenges for companies. As an event that is meant to focus on the 30,000 foot view of technology impacting business, this event is made for an audience comprised of companies’ executives.

As the second day of Envision kicked off this morning, Chris Capossela, Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer, posted a blog recapping the major themes of the first day. Capossela says with Envision, Microsoft is trying to create “a truly global summit for issues critical to CxOs and other business leaders” and it is designed “to give everyone a chance to step back and learn about smart strategies to tackle emerging issues, power new efficiencies and build new business models and revenue streams.”

So for the first day of Envision, the conversation was all about digital transformation in business. And Satay Nadella led the conversation with his keynote address on how companies can embrace digital transformations. His speech included examples such as Virgin Atlantic’s transforming their relationship with customers thanks to analytics delivering greater personalization. He also spoke about other examples which were big news yesterday like Microsoft’s new strategic partnership with the R3 consortium to develop blockchain technology and their partnership with Toyota to “bring cloud intelligence into the driving experience.”

Microsoft Envision
One of the highlighted slides from yesterday’s presentation on Digital Transformation

The key message for business leaders was that by transforming your business with digital tools and systems of intelligence, you can drive deeper engagement with customers, empower employees to do more, optimize your operations, and transform your products and services.

The conference has a long list of speakers and special sessions, featuring leaders like Paypal CEO Dan Schulman, NFL CIO Michelle McKenna-Doyle, and Special Olympics Chairman Timothy P. Shriver. The first day of Envision also featured Astronaut Marc Kelly who recently returned from his year long trip aboard the International Space Station where he was able to test out HoloLens.

Microsoft Envision will run through tomorrow, so stay tuned for any more news about Microsoft’s work to help companies transform the way they do business with digital tools and processes.