Microsoft enables copying files and folders from OneDrive for Business to SharePoint

Mark Coppock

OneDrive iOS

If you belong to an organization that uses both SharePoint sites and OneDrive for Business, then you might have had a need in the past to copy files and folders directly from the latter to the former. Until now, that’s not been possible, but Microsoft today announced on the Office support site that files 50MB or smaller can now be transferred directly between the company’s cloud storage solution and its content management platform.

The process is as simple as selecting “Copy to” via the options for a file and selecting a SharePoint Team Site as the place to copy. You can do the same for folders.

Screenshot of the Copy to command in OneDrive for Business
Files and folders can now be copied to SharePoint sites.
Screenshot of the Choosing a destination when copying a files from OneDrive for Business to a SharePoint site.
Simply select a SharePoint Team Site as the destination for a copied file or folder.

Microsoft makes note of two limitations for the feature:

  • 50MB file limit Currently, the size of files and folders you can copy at one time is limited to 50MB. Support for larger files is coming.
  • Scripting must be turned off for personal sites If scripting is turned on for personal sites in your organization, the Copy command is restricted to copying within your OneDrive.

In addition, scripting for personal sites must be turned off in SharePoint in order for the copy feature to be available. Generally, Microsoft recommends turning scripting off as a security measure to protect sites from cross-site scripting attacks.

Microsoft continues to integrate their various services to provide the best “cloud-first, mobile-first” productivity solutions for their customers. Let us know in the comments if the ability to copy files from OneDrive for Business to SharePoint will be welcome in your organization.