Microsoft Edge users on Windows can sync Apple iCloud Passwords with new browser extension

Laurent Giret

Microsoft Edge On Linux

Apple has quietly released the iCloud Passwords browser extension on the Google Chrome web store, which allows Chrome users on Windows PCs to access passwords saved on Apple’s iCloud service for iOS and Mac devices (via 9to5Google). The extension can also save any new passwords created in Chrome in iCloud and sync them with Apple devices.

This iCloud Passwords browser extension is compatible with other Chromium-based browsers including Microsoft Edge. When accessing the store listing from Microsoft’s web browser, you can just click on “Add to Chrome” and you’ll see a pop up asking you if you want to install the extension on your browser.

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Be aware that the iCloud Passwords browser extension requires to have the latest version of iCloud for Windows on your PC, and the freshly-released version 12 includes a link to install the browser extension. However, if you downloaded iCloud for Windows from the Windows 10 Microsoft Store, this update for iCloud for Windows isn’t live yet, which means that the iCloud Passwords browser extension won’t work in Chrome, Edge, or other web browsers.

Microsoft Edge has its own Edge Adds-on website where you can find plenty of extensions for the web browser, but Apple didn’t bring its new iCloud Passwords extension there yet. That’s not really a problem, as Microsoft Edge can install Chromium-based extensions from other stores, with the Chrome Web Store remaining the most popular source.