Microsoft Edge could get a useful quick actions sidebar with access to games, rewards & more

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is testing an interesting new feature in the Canary version of its Edge browser. Spotted by a Twitter user, a new “Quick Actions” sidebar looks to give Edge users fast access to Microsoft Rewards, games, and other content (via Windows Central.)

We’re not currently seeing the feature on our end, but it adds a narrow space to the right side of Edge, directly next to the scroll bar. In that space are five icons for the various quick actions. From top to bottom, one lets you “discover” topics, the second lets you get into Microsoft Rewards, the third lets you test your Internet. The final, two, meanwhile, let you play games, or access Microsoft 365. Note that the games section appears very similar to the Games Panel, which was previously tested in Edge Canary. It just links out to MSN games. Check it out in the images below.

In addition to that, there are also some controls for customization. Though limited, users can turn off the sidebar, or enable and disable colorful icons. Users suggest it’d be better if Microsoft could let people pin websites to the space, however.

With Edge being as busy as is, this is another interesting space for Microsoft to add to its web browser. Of course, though, since this feature is in Canary, it might not make it to the final version of Microsoft Edge at all, as Microsoft looks for feedback first. Do you like this new quick actions sidebar? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.