Microsoft Edge introduces Smart Find via Microsoft 365 Roadmap

Devesh Beri

Microsoft has announced a new feature for its Edge browser called Smart Find as part of its Microsoft 365 roadmap. This update aims to simplify searching for words or phrases within a webpage by utilizing AI technology. This comes after the improvement to the “Find on Page” feature with sidebar access and sentence-based results on Microsoft Edge.

With Smart Find, searching for content on a webpage becomes more user-friendly. The feature assists in accurate searches and adapts to misspelled search terms. Microsoft Edge will suggest related matches and words, making it easier for users to find what they want. When a search is conducted, users can select the suggested link quickly to locate the desired word or phrase.

Smart Find
Smart Find

To use Smart Find, users can press CTRL + F and input the specific word or phrase they want to search for. This functionality streamlines the search process and enhances the overall browsing experience.

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It’s important to mention that Smart Find is currently available only on devices running most versions of Windows, limiting its accessibility to Windows only.

Administrators have the option to control the availability of the Smart Find feature through the RelatedMatchesCloudServiceEnabled policy. This gives them the flexibility to tailor its usage based on their requirements.

The feature has been assigned the ID 165696 and was added to the Microsoft Edge roadmap on August 18, 2023. The anticipated rollout is set to begin in September 2023. It will be accessible on the web platform under the General Availability release phase across the worldwide standard multi-tenant cloud instance.