Microsoft Edge improves ‘Find on Page’ with sidebar access and sentence-based results

Devesh Beri

There is an upcoming improvement to the “Find on Page” feature in Microsoft Edge. This enhancement aims to make it easier for users to search for specific words on a webpage by moving the feature from the three dots menu to a more accessible sidebar. As seen on Twitter, the new sidebar will display sentences containing the search term, enhancing the feature’s usability. Canary had another trial last week with a button that enables the export of browsing data in Edge to a CSV file.

How to use this functionality?

  • Press Ctrl + F to use the Find on Page feature
  • A button will appear to open the feature in the sidebar
  • Filter the search results to display only those from the web, the visited site, or the specific page
  • Collapse the sidebar if you want to revert to the original page view


This change is currently available in the Canary channel of Microsoft Edge, an experimental browser version. It might take some time before the new feature makes its way to the stable release of Edge.

This improvement appears to enhance the user experience of searching for content within a webpage in Microsoft Edge.

via MSPowerUser