Microsoft Edge Canary makes URLs sharing simpler with new Link format feature

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft has started testing a new Link format feature that makes it easier to share URLs copied from the address bar in Microsoft Edge (via Deskmodder). The feature is rolling out to select Insiders running Microsoft Edge Canary Build 86.0.613.0, and it brings the ability to copy and paste a URL as a hyperlinked title instead of as a web address.

The new Link format feature will likely be appreciated by users who often need to share URLs with others. It eliminates the need to edit them for removing extra parameters to make them understandable for sharing. The improved experience is apparently not available for everyone just yet, though. However, if it’s available, you need to follow the steps mentioned below to use this feature:

  1. To paste the link into an app in Microsoft Edge, right-click to open the context menu, select the “Paste as” option, and then click “Link (Default)” from the sub-menu.
    Select Paste as Link (Default)
  2. If you’re pasting the link into an app outside Microsoft Edge Canary, copy the URL from the address bar and press the Ctrl + V buttons to paste it. It will add a link with the title of the page, as shown below.
    Default link paste

It is worth noting that the new Link format will be the default pasting option in Microsoft Edge. However, users will be able to revert this change by heading to edge://settings/shareCopyPaste and selecting “Plain text” as the default option for URLs.

The functionality is currently in early developmental stages, and it only supports URLs copied from the address bar only. Microsoft has promised to bring support for in-page links soon. Moreover, Microsoft has noted some known issues as well, and the full list is available on the official blog post.