Microsoft Edge Canary lets select Insiders easily translate text on a web page

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft Edge Canary Translate Text

Microsoft Edge is getting a new feature that should make it possible for users to translate selected parts of the text on a webpage (via Deskmodder). The feature is currently under a controlled rollout, and it’s available for select Insiders in the Canary channel.

By default, Microsoft Edge comes with a built-in translation capability that lets users automatically translate web pages in a language that is different than the default language of the browser. The enhancements to the translation feature will bring the ability to translate certain sections of the page and then display the content in English while browsing a website.

If you’re running the latest Canary version of Edge on your PC, you can find this new option in the context menu. Simply open a webpage in the browser, and select a section of its text you want to translate. Then right-click on the selection and select the “Translate selection to English” option. Once done, the selected text should be translated into the default language configured by the user. If you want to revert this change, click on the translation symbol in the address bar and select “show original” to see the original text.

The updated functionality has been borrowed from legacy Edge, and it’s not available in Chrome natively yet. Considering that it’s a minor feature, the change could be made available to the Dev channel, and eventually, the stable version, sooner rather than later.