Microsoft Edge Canary gets the ability to rename browser windows

Rabia Noureen

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Microsoft is working on a new tab management feature that will let users set custom names for browser windows in Microsoft Edge. As noticed by Reddit user Leopeva-2, the experimental feature is not hidden behind any flag and should be available to all Edge Canary Insiders running the recent builds.

The ability to rename multiple tabs is a nifty addition for people who usually have multiple tabs opened in Microsoft Edge. It should make it easier for them to classify their browser windows based on their contents and quickly identify them. Most importantly, it helps to distinguish between different tabs while switching between them using the Alt-Tab shortcut.


To take advantage of this new feature, right-click on the window title bar area, and select the “Name window” option from the context menu. In the set Windows name dialog, enter a unique name click “OK” to confirm the changes. You can repeat these steps to rename all browser tabs you have opened on your PC.


Notably, a similar option is already available in the Canary builds of Google Chrome, designed to improve multitasking and tab management experience for power users. While the new capability is already live for Edge users on Canary builds, it could be a while before the feature makes its way to the Stable channel.