Microsoft Edge 109 ships to the Stable Channel

Kevin Okemwa

Edge Insider

Microsoft Edge’s latest version has hit the Stable Channel for everyone to download, bumping it to version 109.0.1518.49. The release comes with several feature updates and the usual reliability fixes. Here’s everything you need to know:

First up is the added ability to link a personal Microsoft account (MSA) and Azure Active Directory (AAD) account through work or school. In turn, users will now be able to earn Microsoft Rewards points for the Bing searches they conduct using Edge.

Next up are some changes that are expected to affect TLS server certificate verification in Microsoft Edge version 110. Once this version rolls out, “the certificate trust list and the certificate verifier will be decoupled from the host operating system’s root store.” Both will now ship with the browser, what’s more, the MicrosoftRootStoreEnabled policy is now available for testing to control when the built-in root store and certificate verifier are used. Though Microsoft intends to cut support for it when releasing Edge version 111.

And finally, the browser now comes with text prediction that is designed to help the user to write faster and more articulately. “Microsoft Edge provides word and sentence predictions for long-form editable text fields on web pages,” says Microsoft. It’s worth noting that this feature is currently only available in English to users in the US, India, and Australia. However, the company plans to expand it further to other regions.

As usual, the release brings some depreciated and new policies. We invite you to check out Microsoft’s changelog for more on these. Be sure to also check out Microsoft Edge’s previous release to the Stable Channel in case you missed it. We also invite you to check out Microsoft’s blog for more details about this release.

Microsoft Edge should auto-update to the latest version, but if it does not, you can trigger it manually. Just head to the browser’s menu, choose Help and Feedback then About Microsoft Edge and wait for the update to download, and then restart.