Microsoft Edge 108 hits the Stable Channel

Kevin Okemwa

Microsoft Edge Logo

Microsoft Edge’s latest version has shipped to the Stable Channel for everyone to download, bumping it to version 108.0.1462.42. The release is fairly minor, as it comes with two feature updates and the usual reliability fixes.

First up is the Graph APIs for Cloud Site List Management, which is in place to help administrators create, manage, and publish their site lists for IE mode in the cloud. Next up is enhanced web defense that will allow users to browse through the internet safely. This is courtesy of the rewritten Microsoft Defender SmartScreen library for Microsoft Edge on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

With this particular update, the new SmartScreen library will be making its debut on Linux. It was however available to both Windows and Mac users. And finally, the update also adds new product optimizations in the form of better proxy handling as well as bug fixes by having the SmartScreen library leverage Microsoft Edge’s built-in network stack.

As usual, the release brings some depreciated and new policies. We invite you to check out Microsoft’s changelog for more on these. Be sure to also check out Microsoft Edge’s previous release to the Stable Channel in case you missed it.

Microsoft Edge should auto-update to the latest version, but if it does not, you can trigger it manually. Just head to the browser’s menu, choose Help and Feedback then About Microsoft Edge and wait for the update to download, and then restart.

Via: Microsoft